Frequently Asked Weight-Loss Questions with Katie Alfaro – Wellness Coach

These questions have graciously been provided by our Wellness Coach, Katie Alfaro with Nutrilishus.

Have you ever been curious about things to consider when trying to lose wight? In this video, Katie Alfaro from Nutrilishus discusses some frequently asked questions she commonly gets as a nutritionist.

Currently, Nutrilishus and Katie Alfaro have partnered with @100%chiropractic to provide information for those looking to better their understanding of health and wellness.

Some questions discussed in this video include:
“What is a safe rate for me to lose weight?”
“Can losing weight too fast be damaging for my health?”
“What is added sugar, and why is it not healthy in food?”
“What are some ways people can reduce sugar intake?”
“Is there such a thing as too much fruit?
“How can I get started making healthier meals and become inspired within my health and wellness journey?”

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