One of the latest office furniture trends that is not only sweeping the interior design field but the health field as well is ergonomic furniture. The idea behind this newly designed furniture is simple: so many of us spend most of our time sitting in one place for an extended period of time. An ergonomically designed chair makes certain that we are sitting comfortably and that our bodies are in the best possible position throughout the day.

As many chiropractors find every single day, some of the most serious damage that occurs to people’s bodies comes from sitting with poor posture all day or spending all day looking down at phones and tablets. Many people’s lives have become quite sedentary these days and it is doing far more damage than most people know.

The Center for Disease Control has already found that over 35 percent of people who sit for eight hours or more a day are likely to develop some type of musculoskeletal disorder, and the wrong chair can only increase those chances.

The beauty of ergonomic furniture is that it helps make sure that your back and spine have the support and positioning they need, so you can sit in comfort and with better posture during the day. While this is not as good as getting up and moving around, it is better than spending your entire day slumped over in a hard office chair with no support.QWERTY_Truly_Egronomic_Keyboard

Investing in an ergonomically designed chair means investing in your overall health, but what exactly does it mean for a chair to be ergonomic? Simply put, ergonomics is the study of how individuals adapt to the tools around them so that they can be more comfortable. Ergonomic chairs are perhaps the most common types of furniture out there under this umbrella, but there are other pieces of furniture as well. Ergonomic desks are those that sit at the right level for proper body alignment. There are also ergonomic office supplies such as keyboards that are designed to adapt to the natural curves and needs of the body.

When it comes to choosing an ergonomic chair, you will find that there are a number of different specifications that govern what makes a chair ergonomically designed besides just comfort. It is recommended that any office chair adjust all the way around, including adjustability in the back of at least 95 degrees. Height needs to be adjustable as well. It is important that you can position a desk properly so it falls against your desk in the proper way. One of the leading causes of carpal tunnel comes from individuals who sit in chairs that are too low or too high, and who put stress on their wrists while typing.

An ergonomically designed chair also needs to have support in the lumbar area of the back, or the low back, and around the shoulders, which can help support the neck. Ultimately, finding the right ergonomically designed chair comes down to choosing one that has support  and is adjustable to fit your needs.

The furniture that you use every day can have a major impact on your posture, your comfort level and on your health. Make sure to take the time to invest in ergonomically designed furniture that will help you be as comfortable and healthy as possible during your workday.

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