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In the search for energy and focus, many people turn to coffee. Caffeine isn’t necessarily a bad thing — a small dose can boost energy, alertness, and athletic performance — but it’s easy to overdo it, leading to jitteriness, trouble sleeping, and even heart arrhythmias. In keeping with this month’s focus on kindness, we would like to share with you our supplement of the month.

100% Focus is a gentle yet powerful supplement that provides support for energy, mood, and focus. Instead of stressing your body and mind with large doses of caffeine, 100% Focus gives you the science-backed nutrition you need to function at your highest level. This supplement works in three ways to give you calm, focused energy that is kind to your body and mind.

Energy and Alertness That Last

100% Focus contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee. However, that caffeine is paired with a unique, highly bio-available form of resveratrol to create an ingredient called Purenergy. Instead of the quick rush and subsequent dip of energy that you get from coffee, Purenergy has been demonstrated to absorb more slowly and effectively. The result is steady, lasting energy. The Purenergy supplement improves energy by maintaining this even level of vigor on a small dose of caffeine means you get the benefits of larger amounts of caffeine without taxing your nervous system.

Stamina, Focus, and Motivation

TeaCrine is 100% Focus’ form of Theacrine. This purine alkaloid is found in some coffee and tea, and it works in similar ways to caffeine. However, because it targets different receptors in the brain, TeaCrine delivers a different kind of energy. It doesn’t create the excitability that is often seen with caffeine and other stimulants. Instead, Effextiv releases the supplement through the brain to boost calm focus, positive mood, and even motivation. Studies show that it helps subjects begin and complete tasks more successfully, reduces anxiety, and improves both mood and learning. Even better, TeaCrine does not become less effective as your body becomes accustomed to it. It continues delivering potent yet gentle results, even with frequent use.

Nervous System Support

The sympathetic nervous system is known as the “fight or flight” system. When it is activated people experience a state of heightened anxiety and reactivity. Needless to say, this is not a particularly effective way to function, and yet many people move through their days in a sympathetic nervous system haze. Relentless sensory input from a world filled with screens and noises, schedules that leave no time for relaxation, and over-reliance on large amounts of caffeine all contribute to this wired feeling.

100% Focus supplies taurine, an amino acid that has been added to the formula to support the healthy function of your nervous system. It calms the sympathetic nervous system and seems to work to protect the health of your heart. Taurine has been shown to counteract the potential negative effects of caffeine, reducing the overstimulated feeling that taxes the sympathetic nervous system. When your nervous system is calm, you are able to effectively use energy and stamina in productive ways.

If you’re looking for a healthy supplement for energy, mood, and focus without taxing your body, check out Effextiv 100% Focus. Its ingredients are carefully selected to create healthy vigor without exhausting your body. An important way to treat yourself with kindness is to give your body what it needs to perform at its very best. When your body is getting what it needs to function the way it was intended to, you are able to bring positivity into the world.

For more information on 100% Focus or other ways we can support you in your journey toward vibrant health, contact your local 100% Chiropractic center.

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