To keep up with your body’s status for the 100% Chiropractic Challenge you can utilize our Fit3D Scanner (if applicable: some locations do not use this device). It is a relatively new technology that uses thousands of photos to take a 3-dimensional complete body scan of you. There are NO rays used at all. Because of this, the Fit3D scan is safe for everyone, including pregnant women and children.

There is nothing like seeing yourself “in 3D” for the first time! It’s a shocking experience that forces people to evaluate their health & physique from a new perspective. Avatars do this, printouts do not. Fit3D scans motivate people to start their journey – and that’s everything.

This post will walk you through how to use the Fit3D Scanner. These machines are pretty high-tech, but once you understand the basics it can be an incredible tool for the New Year / New You Challenge!

What if My Location Does Not Have a Fit3D Scanner?
If your location does not have a Fit3D Scanner they should have a specific weigh-in mechanism such as INEVIFIT Smart Body Fat Scale that is a highly accurate Bluetooth digital bathroom body composition analyzer, measures weight, body fat, water, muscle, BMI, and visceral fat & bone mass. See your office for their options.

How to Register
This can be in a few ways, here are two
1. When you get on the physical machine select “sign up” and follow the prompts. This will take a few minutes!
2. Use the QR code below. To use the QR code simply use your smart phone camera and hover over the code, it will pull up a website which is where you input your information to pre-register on the machine.

3. If you dont have a smart phone but would like to pre-register, go to this website

What to Wear
Because the technology uses photographs to determine your statistics, it is recommended that you wear very tight clothing, only undergarments, or nothing at all. Most females wear a bra and underwear, and most men wear briefs. If you have long hair please put it up so that it does not touch your neck, as it will be read as body mass as opposed to an extremity. Do NOT wear shoes, jackets, or baggy clothes of any kind, and keep your neck area clear

Who Will Be Able To See My Scan?
There are two types of scans that will show up. Your 100% Chiropractic doctor will be able to see your information but will only be able to see a silhouette of your shape and statistics. They have access to your information to assess posture and statistics to better assess your health and structural alignment. See the example below:
Doctors view:

The other type of scan is set up only with you and no one else can see it unless they have your login information. This scan is more detailed and shows depth and detail with shadow and shape. See the image below:
Your view:

How to Scan
Check out this video for a visual of what to do

1. Log in
2. Remove shoes, outer clothing, put hair in a bun
3. Place feet directly on machine where they are outlined
4. Grab handles
5. When prompted, press buttons on handles with your thumbs to start the scan
6. Do not move, face forward, and allow the machine to rotate with you in the same place
7. Once the scan has finished, you may release buttons and handles and step off
8. Check your account for your scan!

Using the Online Reporting Platform and App
You can view what the Fit3D Scanner tracks and how it is displayed to you in the link above. If you need help reading these stats either talk to your 100% Chiropractic office or use one of our handy trainers available on this site!

Sharing Your Information
If you would like to share any of this scan with others there is a very easy way you can do that. Something like this may come in handy if you want to share a before and after scan, a comparison chart, or perhaps your body stats. You can simply take a screenshot of your dashboard in fit3d with the image you would like to share!


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