Optimal Multi Complete

This month we are celebrating mothers, who work hard to care for their family. They take the kids to activities and make sure they get the healthy food and sleep they need. Unfortunately, sometimes a mother’s devotion comes at the price of her own self-care. How can a busy mom support her health when she doesn’t always have the time to exercise and eat right?

Optimal Multi Complete is a multivitamin/mineral supplement we recommend for many people, but it may be especially beneficial for moms. As a well-balanced multivitamin, Optimal Multi Complete is a dependable backup to protect you from nutrient gaps left by a less-than-perfect diet. It also supports your health in some special ways, especially for moms who are stretched thin.

Balanced Nutrition Your Body Can Use

An effective multivitamin isn’t made by tossing a handful of vitamins and minerals into a capsule. Certain combinations of nutrients compete for absorption, while other combinations work synergistically for the most dynamic response. Optimal Multi Complete, a chiropractor-recommended multi vitamin contains additional supplements, making it an exquisitely balanced formula of vitamin, minerals, and trace elements. These nutrients and the doses work together to give your body potent support. To be sure you can take advantage of this nutrition, the most stable and bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals are used.

Energy, Detoxification, and More

Your body is stressed when you don’t get enough exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, or get enough sleep. Unfortunately, it can be hard to regain your equilibrium and make healthier choices when you don’t feel your best. Optimal Multi Complete is packed with what your body needs to recover. Plentiful B vitamins restore energy, while antioxidants help your body repair and renew. The formulation includes nutrients to aid your body in detoxification and to protect tissues from damage.

When you’re trying to make healthy choices, it helps to have the nutritional support your body craves. Talk to your local chiropractor about the multi vitamin options and other supplements that would work for your lifestyle. Few people are able to maintain a perfect diet and lifestyle, but a well-formulated multivitamin like Optimal Multi Complete can help bridge those gaps to help you have vitality and resilience. For busy moms or anyone with a tight schedule, that’s a beautiful thing.


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