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Dr. Joseph Jet Jackson
2805 Old Fort Pkwy suite D
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

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Phone:  (615) 956-7004

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Dr. Jet Jackson

Chiropractor MurfreesboroPhilosophy: Dr. Jet and his wife Darnell believe in a holistic approach to maintaining balance, vitality, and peak health performance through regular chiropractic adjustments, optimum nutrition, daily exercise, supplementation, “medication” through essential oils therapy, and eliminating toxins and stress. Dr. Jet’s philosophy when treating patients is that structure = function. When the bones and joints are misaligned, it creates added stress on the body that is often hard to overcome. This creates added stress on the muscles, tendons and ligaments that are attached to those bones and joints. By removing the misalignments, there is less nerve interference, and the body is able to heal itself. When your body’s structure is sound, your function will be optimal thus reducing injury, pain, and ultimately… disease.

Dr. Jet is a father of 1 amazing little dude, Crue. Crue was born with Spina Bifida, an injury to the spinal cord which can lead to paralysis and/or organ dysfunction. Dr. Jet started adjusting Crue at the age of two months old. Through chiropractic care and numerous physical therapy sessions, Crue is now able to walk and do all the cool things that little boys do! Come by the office and you will often see Crue helping daddy “adjust” patients.

Other than his family, providing Murfreesboro chiropractic care, and exercise, Dr. Jet’s biggest passion is soccer. Having played soccer in college and touring Africa playing soccer on good will missions, Dr. Jet says that “soccer is permanently embedded into his DNA!” If you poke your head into Dr. Jet’s office you will see his memorabilia and jerseys from “the good ole days”. And 2-3 nights per week you can find Dr. Jet playing in the local soccer leagues.

Dr. Bryna Waters – Associate Doctor

Chiropractor TennesseeDr. Bryna Waters has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and wellness industry. Her expertise ranges from graduating with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Sports Science and working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Finding chiropractic and its impact on performance in her own life led her to become a Doctor of Chiropractic to help educate clients on the impact of Chiropractic for peak performance, injury recovery, and overall health and wellness. Add to this her passion within her practice of working with pregnant patients and newborns, and you can see how her quest for knowledge just keeps growing her expertise. Dr. Bryna continues to add advanced certifications and skills to her repertoire to help individual clients and corporations in Murfreesboro and Tennessee and beyond.

Dr. Brendan Allen – Associate Doctor

Chiropractor Tennessee



  • Sports injury recovery
  • Scoliosis correction and rehabilitation
  • Headache Relief Technique
  • Pediatric care
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy care
  • Myofascial Release Technique
  • Cupping
  • Nutritional Counseling

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My Personal Experience in Chiropractic Care

Dr. Jet has worked with: professional international soccer athletes; US Olympic team members; collegiate wrestlers, soccer players, baseball players, and rugby teams; high school football and lacrosse teams; martial arts experts; professional dancers; and collegiate/high school cheerleaders.

Giving Back To The Murfreesboro Community

In his spare time, Dr. Jet enjoys playing soccer in the local leagues, donating his time to coaching youth soccer and mentoring special needs or behavioral troubled youth through the US Youth Soccer Kickback Program. Dr. Jet and Darnell also go to GreenHouse Ministries every Friday afternoon where he adjusts the homeless and less fortunate in our community for free.
Educational and Professional Background:

  • Lindsey Wilson College – Bachelor of Science – Communications
    • Member of 1998-2002 NAIA Soccer National Champions
  • Life University – Bachelor of Science – PreMed/Biology
  • Life University – Doctorate of Chiropractic

Licensed in the State of Tennessee

How we help our patients:

Patients are often surprised at the number of ways that our chiropractic team at 100% Chiropractic in Murfreesboro can assist them in feeling and living better. Using the latest treatment methods and keeping abreast of new techniques, we make a personal investment in helping you to live “100%” and relieve pain. We are available to do so much more than help alleviate back and neck pain, although that is a big part of what we do. Did you know that chiropractic adjustments have been shown to improve the symptoms of many annoying conditions that keep you from experiencing the fully active life that you deserve? Regular chiropractic care addresses blockages in your nervous system that can be the cause of a myriad of issues, including:

  • Neck, joint, shoulder, & back pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleep issues
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Immune deficiencies

While sports injuries and accident-related injuries lead many to seek relief from our chiropractors in Murfreesboro, these patients are apt to continue with routine treatment.  After seeing the many benefits that come from a genuinely whole-body approach to health and well-being, the previously skeptical often become 100% enthusiasts. The services that we offer at our chiropractic center cater to the specific, individualized needs of our patients to relieve pain and help them live a happier, healthier life.

  • Prenatal and Pediatric Care: Prenatal chiropractic care can help soon to be Moms have a more comfortable pregnancy and help her ready her body for the strain of childbirth. Also, we can employ a gentle technique to address common misalignments found in infants, toddlers, and young children.
  • Personal Injury (Auto Accident): Treating patients after they have experienced a physical trauma requires a particular kind of care. First and foremost, time is of the essence as soft tissue damage in and around your spine, if allowed to heal out of line, can cause chronic ongoing issues. Having the less obvious of spinal injuries assessed soon after an accident is imperative. Acute, and soft tissue injuries often get overlooked without the attention of a chiropractor. We have been uniquely trained to look for these subtle and potentially dangerous misalignments.
  • Corrective or Reconstructive Care: Many spinal subluxations do not arise from a traumatic injury or accidents. Over time, certain habits, such as posture, heavy lifting, and even workouts can cause recurring issues with your spine, and by extension your entire nervous system.  We use corrective care to help bring back the natural curvature of your spine and return order to your nervous system. With a combination of adjustments, exercises, and massage therapy, patients often experience improvements in sleep quality, energy, mood, pain relief, and more.

Why 100% Chiropractic?

At 100% Chiropractic we can provide treatment to all family members, regardless of age or stage of life. A significant portion of our patients and their families engage in regular wellness care. We believe that wellness care, aimed at maintaining a healthy nervous system, through a combination of adjustments, exercises, massage, supplements and informative workshops, offers our patients optimal living. Other patients may only seek our help after they have had an accident or suffered from chronic pain for some time. In either case, the team will perform Discovery assessments on all newcomers and develop individualized treatment plans.

If you would like to learn more about this whole-body approach to well-being and living your life to 100%, please stop by to visit our chiropractors at 100% Chiropractic Murfreesboro on Old Fort Parkway. Serving the Smyrna and Blackman communities.

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Watson Chiropractic


Darnell Jackson | Co-Owner

Darnell is Dr. Jet’s wife and is the glue that holds our practice together! She was born with a liver disease but went undiagnosed until she was 15. Watson Chiropractic When doctors finally discovered what was wrong, she was scared and willing to do whatever they told her to. She spent 11 long years in and out of hospitals, bouncing from one experimental treatment to another. Her muscles wasted away, leaving her unable to walk or even eat on her own most days, and she often required the help of a breathing machine just to get comfortable. As the side effects increased, she was given more medications… and then more medications yet again to help with the side effects of those. The cycle seemed to never end.

Darnell couldn’t help but think that there must be a better approach to health care than this, so she took a leap of faith and radically changed her lifestyle. She gradually went off of all her medications, changed her diet completely, began exercising regularly… and wouldn’t you know it… overtime, her body began to heal! She added chiropractic care into her wellness routine and has finally found freedom from her chronic pain, sleepless nights and countless long term side-effects from treatment that most doctors told her would be permanent. She is officially disease-free and has never been stronger, happier or healthier!

She grew up in a small mountain town in California and is happiest doing anything outdoors. Since Darnell also grew up traveling the world, she loves nothing more than spontaneous adventures. So far she has visited 27 countries and plans to keep adding to that list as often as possible. If she isn’t at work you’ll find her working out, cooking, offroading in their Jeep or building something in the garage with her power tools. She absolutely loves being a step-mom to Dr. Jet’s son Crue and that little boy couldn’t possibly love his “Mama Darn” more!

Before coming to 100% in Murfreesboro, Darnell was a fitness instructor and nutrition counselor. She loves using her experience to help our patients reach their health and wellness goals. More than anything though, Darnell desperately and wholeheartedly wants to reach out to those who have lost hope and feel like they are out of answers because she has been there. She loves and cares for our patients like they are family and strives daily to show others what it looks like to live life at 100%.

Andi Allen | Office Manager

Murfreesboro Chiropractic near meAndi was born in Texas but moved to Middle Tennessee when she was 6. She has the most adorable dogs ever, Kodak and Moose! She absolutely loves the mountains and Colorado, but quickly found out that snowboarding is not her gifting, so she enjoys hiking and exploring instead. She loves pretty much anything outdoors, especially playing golf and tennis. If you ask Andi what her favorite things are she is quick to answer “food and animals”… we are pretty sure our therapy dog Ruger is the whole reason she took the job.

Andi has been with our office since January of 2018 and we plan on keeping her forever! She loves our patients like family, and genuinely cares about the incredible results we see here. When you call to book your first appointment, there’s a good chance Andi will be the one taking care of you!

Lynna | Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Murfreesboro

Hello! I am so excited to be a part of the Murfreesboro family. I was born and raised, and currently live in Shelbyville, TN with my husband, Zach. We have been happily married now for a little over a year! I LOVE being at the pool and beach (not super outdoorsy unless I’m at a body of water). No, I am not a natural redhead, but I love being a redhead and get a lot of comments on how fun it is. We don’t have any kiddos just yet, but definitely in the plans for the future! For now though, we have a crazy kitten named Oliver. I look forward to meeting you!

Kailey Kelley | Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Watson
Kailey is originally from Savannah, Georgia but has lived in Tennessee with her husband Carson for over three years now. They have two awesome dogs—Chewy and Elsa, and one lovable cat, Sir Reginald Long Purr. Kailey loves anything outdoors like hiking, swimming, and of course some good food. If you’re a fan of The Office or Parks and Rec you’ll likely become quick friends because most of her day is spent quoting both shows.


Kayla Baker | Massage Therapist

Murfreesboro Chiropractic near meKayla is a current resident of Chattanooga, TN but loves her job at 100% so much that she commutes to Murfreesboro for work! She has been a Massage Therapist since 2012 and has broadened her horizon on modalities these last few years, with a few of her favorites being cupping, balancing yoga, trigger point and deep tissue. She is passionate about her work because of the genuine relief she is able to give our patients. Kayla believes it’s very easy to love what you do when you surround yourself with the people and positivity you need to thrive in a well-created work environment.

She is a wife to a wonderful man, Lennon, and a mother to a very intelligent four-year-old girl, Londyn. Her hobbies are outdoor and strenuous activities (i.e. weightlifting, hiking, camping) and any high-intensity athletics. Kayla believes you create the life you live, and for that reason, we all deserve to feel our best. She hopes to see you soon… you know you knead it!


Tasha Russell | Massage Therapist

Chiropractic WatsonTasha was born and raised in Kentucky but has lived in Tennessee for over 7 years. She and her boyfriend Justin have 2 dogs, Chip and Chase, and love video games and anything that allows them to be active and get outdoors. While she has a million tricks up her sleeve, if you’re looking for some deep tissue work, Tasha is definitely your girl!


Beth Perry | Massage Therapist

Chiropractic WatsonBeth is from Juliet, Illinois but has lived in Tennessee for over two years now with her husband Steve. They are currently expecting TWINS and couldn’t be more excited. Soon 2 little girls, Ruby Rose and Sophia Loraine, will be joining their family! Beth’s favorite thing in the world is spending time with her family and loving on their two dogs, Duke and Reba. She has been an LMT for over 4 years and gives one of the most relaxing, rejuvenating, make-you-melt-into-the-table massages you’ll ever have.


Clarisse Blades | Massage Therapist

Chiropractic WatsonClarisse is originally from Queens, NY but has been in Tennessee for over 25years and watched it grow like crazy. She and her kiddos, Malachi and Malanie, have a cat named Ginger (that looks just like Garfield’s sister) and a new pitbull puppy who’s name is still being debated in the house 😉 She loves dancing and singing, which is obvious the second you step into our clinic, and all different massage modalities. She has been a massage therapist for over 6 years, proudly claims to have the best family in the world, and has such a contagious spirit it’s impossible not to be in a good mood when she’s around!

Meet Ruger! | Our Service Dog

Chiropractic WatsonRuger was actually Darnell’s therapy dog when she was undergoing her last round of chemotherapy and experimental treatments. Since she is now healthy and no longer in need of his services, he helps take care of our patients at 100% Chiropractic in Murfreesboro.
Ruger is a trained and registered emotional therapy dog, meaning his whole job is to love on our patients and let them lavish him with love in return! Dr. Jet has a large pediatric patient base and Ruger has been an amazing asset in making them comfortable and beyond excited to come to their appointments. Ruger has an amazing way of sensing who is in pain and who needs a little extra love. Don’t we all have those days when we just need to pet a puppy?!

For sports related injuries, chiropractic care is a proven medical treatment used to restore joint function, resolve joint inflammation, reduce pain, and reestablish mobility. Dr. Jet of 100% Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN is a sports chiropractor that can bring relief to those injured while on the field of play.

Sports injuries account for countless trips to the ER and often involve repeated treatments to resolve the issue. Along with rest, physical therapy, and strengthening exercises, chiropractic care offers significant therapeutic benefit to those injured while playing sports. Chiropractic care also allows the body to function better and become less prone to injury.When bones and joints become misaligned due to a sports injury, it creates added stress on the body. Such stress can affect muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and result in pain, discomfort, a decrease in performance, and long-term problems if not tended to. As a sports medicine chiropractor, Dr. Jet uses his training and experience to realign the body and treat sports injuries, allowing the body to heal and restore mobility to injured limbs.Whether from overuse, a collision, or misstep, sports injuries can sideline an athlete, and keep them out of the game for much longer than necessary if not properly treated. Used by professional and Olympic athletes, chiropractic care is a proven method of treatment for injured athletes around the world.Dr. Jet has worked with U. S. Olympic team members, international soccer players, and college and high school athletes, providing chiropractic sports medicine treatment and therapies, bringing relief and comfort to many.In addition to specializing in sports injury recovery, Dr. Jet specializes in:

  • Scoliosis correction and rehabilitation
  • Headache relief techniques
  • Pediatric chiropractic care
  • Prenatal and pregnancy chiropractic care
  • Cupping
  • Nutritional counseling

For more information on treating your sports injury, contact 100% Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN at (615) 956-7004 or via email at djet@100percentdoc.com