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Dr. Xavier Ortiz Ramirez
1720 Jet Stream Dr #115
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Colorado Springs Chiropractor

How We Help Our Patients

Whether your goal is to move beyond pain or to maintain the vibrant energy, strength, and range of motion already present in your body, 100% Chiropractic is here to help you level up your entire life.

Everyone has different reasons for seeking chiropractic care, but most of them continue for the same reason: they realize what a positive impact it has on their energy levels, mood, and overall health. A chiropractic adjustment enhances your nervous system’s ability to send messages throughout the body, and a body that communicates well with itself is a body with the potential for 100% wellness.

These are just some of the reasons why people visit the chiropractor in north Colorado Springs for the first time:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Hip, knee, or other joint pain
  • Migraines or other headaches
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sleep issues
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Compromised immune system
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Injury and accident recovery

Maintaining progress (and stopping symptoms before they start!) is why patients continue to schedule routine wellness visits in north Colorado Springs. To best serve all our patients, we focus on the following areas:

  • Corrective Care: The spine can lose its natural curves due to habitual patterns in your body, like slouching, working at a desk, or always carrying a heavy load on one side of your body. Your chiropractor in north Colorado Springs works to restore your natural curves to enable the body’s ability to be as well as it can possibly be.
  • Family Chiropractic: People of all ages benefit from chiropractic care. Babies, children, adults, seniors, expectant mothers–everyone is subject to spinal subluxations from accidents, poor movement patterns, or habitual postural tendencies. The process of giving birth can cause subluxations in the spines of both mother and baby! Gentle chiropractic adjustments release these imbalances and restore the potential for health and abundant energy.
  • Massage Therapy: Chiropractic treatment is enhanced by massage therapy. Healthy, tension-free muscles allow for easier adjustments and long-lasting results.

Why 100% Chiropractic?

We know you’re in charge of your own health. We encourage you to pursue a lifestyle aimed at 100% wellness, including proper nutrition, exercise, rest, stress reduction, and more. In this way, we become your partner in health and wellness, doing our part to give your body the ideal circumstances in which to thrive.

We create a treatment plan designed to suit your needs. Every spine is different, so every treatment plan has to be different, too. We’ll adapt as you do, on your body’s timeline, using chiropractic x-rays to monitor your progress as we go. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your visit and your progress, and we give you as many tools as we can to empower you on your journey to 100% wellness.

Optimum health is different for all of us. To understand this, simply imagine a baby’s 100% versus an Olympic athlete’s 100% versus a 90-year-old’s 100%. These three people have different needs and different potentials; their spines and nervous systems are under different pressures and have different priorities.

It doesn’t matter what your 100% looks like. At 100% Chiropractic, your chiropractor in north Colorado Springs, we’ll help you find it.

Come visit us off of Voyager Parkway and Jet Stream Drive!

Let’s live life at 100%!

We service the following areas: Briargate, Monument, Northgate, Black Forest, Voyager Parkway, Interquest and Wolf Ranch.

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Dr. Xavier A. Ortiz Ramírez DC, MD, EMT-P

Relevant facts about your doctor Xavier at 100% Chiropractic North Colorado Springs:

  • Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor, EMS Program Director
  • Over sixty certifications in disaster and emergency response
  • American Heart Association Instructor for Medical Professionals: BLS, ACLS, PALS
  • Medicine Doctor, Xochicalco Medical School
  • Online Medical Training Developer, Educatevirtual Learning Centers
  • DRASI International Medical Missions Director
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS)
  • Activator Methods Training
  • Myofascial Blading- Rock Blades Basic and Advance Training- Rock Tape
  • FMT and FMT Advance Taping- Rock Tape
  • Gonstead Chiropractic Seminars
  • Whiplash Injury and Concussion Diplomate-Spine Research Institute of San Diego
  • Federal DOT Medical Examiner

About Dr. Xavier

He was born and raised by his parents Melvyn and Maria in San Juan Puerto Rico, USA. He has a brother, Misael, who also is his business partner at his educational ventures. Early in his life, Dr. Xavier was attracted to healing arts and human services. At 16 years of age, he was already a volunteer for the red cross, working for the Hurricane Hugo response in 1989. A year later he became an EMT and first aid
instructor for the first time.

After finishing high school, he went to pursue his BS in Biology. Also, at that time he continued with his EMS studies becoming a Paramedic by age 21. He worked as a paramedic, paramedic instructor and then flight paramedic for the next 17 years of his career. As a flight medic, he was able to travel the world while taking care of critically ill patients in the international setting. At this time, he also was a full-time paramedic with a major Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team and became an instructor for the American Heart Association (AHA) for the Advance Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, and all the other AHA educational programs. He also became a College Level Paramedic Instructor, and then program director.

He recalls one turning point in his life when he was flying a patient at 42,000 feet over the sea feeling that “This is the highest that I will ever be in this career”, so he decided to go back and finish his pre-medical work to get his doctorate degree in medicine. By the year 2001 was admitted in Xochicalco medical School in Baja California, Mexico, where he graduated as Medico Cirujano (Medicine Doctor
Surgery Minor). While in medical school, he got married to his wife Yanira, an amazing woman he met when working as a paramedic back in Puerto Rico. At this time, he became the stepfather of Joel and Danyarel two wonderful kids full of passion and life.

While in medical school, he kept training and developing in the EMS field, becoming part of the National Disaster Medical Assistance Team in San Diego, CA and taking multiple disasters and advance emergency courses. He also dedicated time to pursue one of his passions, to serve as a missionary, becoming part of relief teams to underdeveloped countries and later he became DRASI International Medical Missions
Director. He graduated from Xochicalco Medical School in BC, Mexico by 2007. After graduation from medical school, he received a wonderful gift, his first daughter Allison was born, while he was working in a California hospital.

A year later, Dr. X returned to Puerto Rico, were his son Arthur J was born to fill their life with excitement and passion. Very soon after, he became the director of an emergency medical service college program. This position gave him the opportunity to oversee the medical response for big sporting events. Also, he served as an instructor for disaster response, government public health agencies, and medical personnel. In 2011 he founded Educatevirtual Learning Centers with his brother, an online health professionals training portal. By 2014 he moves back to California with his family where he serves as an instructor for Loma Linda University, and later for Critical Care Training Center in North Hollywood CA.

While working as an instructor he decided to go back into patient care, but this time he chose to pursue his second doctorate degree, now in Chiropractic Medicine. Chiropractic medicine was more aligned with his life philosophy and understanding of healing. After graduation, he worked as an associate for renown and respected practices in California. This is when by June 2019 the opportunity of developing his own practice under the 100% Chiropractic model became a reality. By early July 2019, he moves with his family to Colorado Springs, Colorado to serve as the franchise owner and main doctor of 100% Chiropractic- North Colorado Springs.

Dr. Xavier is happily married to his wife Yanira and has four children, Joel (24) a master’s degree Student in Archeology, Danyarel (21) a master’s degree Student in Clinical Social Work, Alison (12) a free-spirited amazing artist and K-Pop fan, and Arthur (10) a fiery, fun and kind-hearted boy. Also, a pet morkie dog named Chewy, AKA la Yu yu, is part of his family. He loves nature, water and shooting sports. He is also a foodie, travel and technology aficionado; but his greatest passion is to be a servant of the Lord most
High. El habla Español and understand Portuguese.

Personal Statement:

The creator put me in this world with the purpose of bringing healing to his people by laying hands over the sick, injured and the hurt, by removing interference if His innate healing power.

Holly – Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractor in Colorado SpringsNew to Colorado in 2017, Holly was born in Wisconsin and spent some time living in Minnesota. Her love for the mountains and beautiful sunny Colorado is what brought her, her husband and two children here. With a degree in Business Management and professional background in caring for others and customer service, Holly is pleased to be apart of the 100% Chiropractic family. She strives to bring comfort and joy to each patient visit. In her leisure time she enjoys spending time in nature, camping, reading, cooking, thrifting and making crafts.