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Drs. Brock & Sydney Martin
4532 McMurry Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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Phone: (970) 294-4150

Chiropractors in Fort Collins

Chiropractor Fort CollinsDr. Brock Martin

Dr. Brock is a chiropractor serving Fort Collins and the surrounding area of northern Colorado.

He is also a fourth generation chiropractor. This family legacy motivates him to continue sharing the amazing benefits of chiropractic for people of all ages.

Together, with his wife, another chiropractor in Fort Collins, he strives to provide the highest level of care to you and your family. Dr. Brock sees each patient as an individual, and works with your spine and nervous system to find the best way to help you meet your health goals.

Dr. Brock is excited to introduce you and your family to a natural and healthy way of life. Through chiropractic, he has brought health and healing to thousands of individuals and their families. He enjoys working with the entire family, from newborn, to great-grandparent.

Dr. Brock attended the prestigious University of Western Ontario, in Canada, where he received a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, in Atlanta, Georgia. While in school, he received special training that has afforded him the ability to provide the highest quality care to the elderly, pediatric patients, pregnant women, as well as athletes.

Dr. Brock and Dr. Sydney are the proud parents of Maximus. When they aren’t in the office they can be found hiking the gorgeous Colorado landscape with Max, and their two dogs, Baylee and Piper.

Dr. Sydney Martin

Dr. Sydney Martin is the co-owner of 100% Chiropractic – Fort Collins with her husband Dr. Brock Martin. She is honored to be able to serve the community as a chiropractor in Fort Collins and northern Colorado with high quality, affordable healthcare, in a comfortable, caring environment.

Dr. Sydney believes that everyone deserves to live life feeling their absolute best. She loves showing her community the benefits of life with a clear nervous system. She is passionate about educating her patients to become active participants in their own well being. When individuals of a community are healthy and vibrant, the community as a whole becomes stronger.

Dr. Sydney studied biology, kinesiology, and music at Regis University in Denver. This is where she learned the importance and impact of community service. She then moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University.

Dr. Sydney and Dr. Brock are the proud parents of their son Maximus. They love adventure and outdoor recreation. Together, they hope you’ll let their family take care of yours.

How We Help Our Patients

At 100% Chiropractic in Fort Collins, CO, we are proud to be a part of an active community that always keeps moving. We want to provide the support our customers need to get out there and enjoy the beautiful foothills, bike trails around Fort Collins country, or join that game of pick up soccer with confidence. Whatever keeps you moving, we can help you maintain a healthy spine and nervous system.

We love helping our patients with any of their needs, whether that is wellness care for the whole family or treatment for a specific injury. Our chiropractors work with all sorts of patients, from newborns to seniors. And we utilize a variety of effective adjustment techniques to address each patient’s body. Some of the issues we work with are:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Discomfort during pregnancy and sciatica

These Fort Collins chiropractors offer personalized treatments for the whole family. We understand subluxations in the spine can cause disruptions to the whole body and have surprising, negative effects like lack of sleep, digestive issues, and just not feeling 100%. Here are some specific ways we care for our patients.

  • Injuries and car accidents: Whether you simply slip on the ice, overdo it in the weight room, or get hurt in a car accident, your body needs chiropractic adjustments to get back to normal. 100% Chiropractic can help those in the 80525 area recover from injuries and get back to being themselves.
  • Prenatal care and pediatric care: We provide adjustments that are safe for the whole family and that includes infants, pregnant mothers, and children. There is no need to be anxious about getting a baby or child adjusted. We modify our techniques and work with each patient at their own comfort level.
  • Headaches: There are many types of headaches; migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, and more. We can help you identify the source of your headaches and alleviate the pain or even eliminate them altogether.

Why 100% Chiropractic?

Fort Collins has its fair share of chiropractors to choose from so why choose 100% Chiropractic? Our motto is “100% Integrity, 100% Commitment, 100% Chiropractic.” It is important to our practitioners to stick to these values and promote wellness care in Northern Colorado. This foothills chiropractic clinic will do our best to provide you with the best individualized care to meet your needs and the needs of your family.

We want to see your ailments healed 100% and we want you to feel 100% satisfied each time you come in to visit. Whether you are a retiree seeking help for back pain or new parents bringing in a fussy newborn we will treat you with respect and help you on your path to wellness.

100% Chiropractic believes in chiropractic as preventative wellness care, boosting the immune system to keep you well and helping you avoid injury by keeping your body in alignment. A healthy spine leads to overall good health and we want to help you and your family not only experience but understand the benefits of regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic care has helped our Fort Collins clients live at 100% and we would love to help you too.

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100% Chiropractic is undoubtedly one of the best chiropractic offices in the area, if not the country. I can say this having tried out many other chiropractic centers across the country being a military wife, some with success and others not so much, but Dr. Brock and Dr. Sydney are truly in a league of their own.

Having had chronic back/shoulder/hip problems for many years and quite frankly just dealing with the pain and only getting temporary relief, at other chiropractic offices, I decided I’d stop at nothing to get it fixed. I went into 100% with hips in so much pain I could barely walk, 30 pounds over weight and severe neck problems. Dr. Brock gave me a full work up. When Dr. Brock told me that making the investment in my health would be life changing, I laughed, He was 100% accurate. I am now lighter than I’ve been and feeling 100% myself!

Dr. Brock and Dr. Sydney go above and beyond. They take the time to help you discover what the long-term cause of your pain is, instead of simply treating the symptoms. They are incredibly kind and genuinely caring, making sure to answer any questions and address any fears or concerns you might have about chiropractic in a completely open and non-judgmental way. If you have any hesitations/preconceptions/things you’ve always wondered about Chiropractic, Just ask! Dr. Brock and Dr. Sydney are so helpful.

All in all, Dr. Brock and Dr. Sydney are truly the most competent and caring healthcare professionals I know. If you’re reading this, you’re at the very least curious about how 100% could help you. Call them up, or just walk in, there’s absolutely no pressure in that office. I promise you won’t regret it. LIFE CHANGING!!! I can not Thank them enough!!!

-Sarah M

I am usually skeptical of ALL 5-STAR reviews, however after visiting Dr Brock and Dr Sydney at 100%, I know they deserve every star they have earned from each reviewer, myself included. I can thank Dr. Brock for my first headache-free day in over 20 years. You are amazing, caring and super friendly. I look forward to a long relationship with not only 100%, but Dr. Brock and Dr. Syd as well! THANK YOU!

– Melanie D

Dr Brock and Dr Sydney truly care about their patients. They truly get to know you and is not just an adjust and go. They take their time and personalize your care plan, which also includes massage. Thank you for already beginning to change my life

-Donna B

The 2 of them are always upbeat, and genuinely care about the people they treat. They remember details about your family, birthdays, etc. and are a pleasure to be around.

-Vince L

Great place. The Doctors are first class and really do a great job. They explain everything to you and do their best

– Steve W

I am very happy I found 100% Chiropractic and have referred co-workers here too and the massages are awesome! Great people!

– Georgette W

Really terrific, very caring.
Bar none, they are the BEST IN FORT COLLINS.

– Kim I

Dr. Brock and Dr. Sydney are the best!  Not only are they incredible at working around my busy schedule, they also accommodate having my one year old twins with me during my visits. They are truly wonderful people, who care a great deal about their patients! We are so grateful to have met them!

– Samantha B