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Alice Maples Starts Us Off!

Yoga with Elma!

At-Home Guided Muscle Workout with Sarah Herse

Learn More about Sarah

This is a self-guided workout by Sarah Herse, where she has provided specific videos for each workout. Check out her page here to learn more about how you can get more of what she has to offer! Let’s get those muscles working!

  1. 3 sets: Bulgarian split squats or regular split squats (body weight)
  2. 10 regular reps + 10 pulses at bottom + 5-10 second hold at bottom (all on right side)
  3. Repeat sequence on other leg
  1. Single arm banded overhead press (medium or heavy band)
  2. 8-20 reps per arm
  1. 1 set: single arm banded bicep curl pyramid (medium band & wide stance)
  2. 20 reps each arm
  3. 15 reps each arm
  4. 10 reps each arm

*Try not to rest until finished

  1. Tabata-style banded front raise (light band)
  2. Perform 20 seconds of banded front raises immediately into
  3. 10 second static hold at the top of the movement (straight arms at shoulder height)
  4. Repeat for 3-5 rounds without rest, then rest 1 min and repeat for 3 total sets
  1. 4 rounds for time
  2. 20 plank jacks
  3. 20 jumping squats (or air squats)
  4. 10-15 push-ups (or modified push-ups)
  5. 20 reverse lunges (alternating)
  1. Optional core circuit

2 rounds

Hip lifts x 30 seconds

Crunching heel taps x 30 seconds

Hip lifts x 30 seconds

Crunching heel taps x 30 seconds

Then, max effort plank hold

Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds

Happy Hamstrings Yoga Flow with Andrew Sealy

10 min Get Fit Low Impact Strength Training with Keoni Hudoba

1 HOUR TOTAL body resistance and cardio workout/Low Impact//standing & no equipment options

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