child with ADHD

ADD/ADHD can be characterized by hyperactivity, anxiety, poor performance in school, difficulty concentrating, and poor sleep patterns. Kids as young as 5 years old have been treated with medications for ADD/ADHD. Many parents feel helpless and afraid, and not to mention, overwhelmed by a high-energy child. I know that most parents don’t like the idea of their 5-6 year old child taking medications, so here are a few things to try before popping the pills.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments for kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD can be very beneficial. Chiropractic addresses the removal of nervous system interfering spinal
misalignments called subluxations. Reducing these subluxations can allow the child’s nervous system to function in a more balanced way. Sympathetic and parasympathetic portions of the nervous system need to be in perfect balance for optimal sleep, digestion, concentration, and immune system support. Adjustments can aid in breaking a sympathetic or “fight or flight” cycle.

Physical touch and support systems
Physical touch and a loving support system can make a child with high-energy thrive and respond to stimuli more appropriately. Many people have used acupuncture and massage therapy to help calm an anxious child. These methods can also increase the bond between parent and child, which can ease stress on both people involved.

Recent studies have shown that adding supplementation of DHA, a form of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid, can help reduce the symptoms of ADD/ADHA. The clinical trials have suggested that there needs to be regular supplementation for more than 4 months to start seeing changes in behavior. Supplementing DHA is simple and can be incorporated into a daily routine. Make sure you purchase your supplements from a pharmaceutical grade supplier.


Sugar is everywhere! It can be difficult to control what your child eats when they are at school or day care but it is worth the effort. StockSnap_E6RVYFOGGOAny kids
who consume high amounts of sugar will deal with difficulty concentrating and poor sleep! Removing processed sugar and sweets and replacing them with healthy, high protein and healthy fat snacks can help balance a child’s mood. Nuts and seeds, nut butters, fresh fruit, organic cheese, organic jerky, avocado, lunch meat and crackers are just a few ideas to curb hungry appetites without increasing the sugar!

-Dr. Anna Petersen provides chiropractic care in Parker, CO.

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