According to the American Chiropractic Association, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability across the globe. In America, more than 31 million people will experience low back pain at any given time. With more than half of all working Americans experiencing backaches and pains every year, it is becoming more important than ever to understand the causes — and how to fix them. So many individuals today (of all ages) experience back pain, and this pain is not only annoying and disruptive to everyday lives, but can also prevent people from living their lives as normal. This is why it is so important to get to the root of the cause of back pain so that you (or those you know) can learn how to move on and move forward after experiencing back pain and discomfort.

The Causes of Back Aches

There is no single cause for back pain, in fact there are hundreds of different instances that can cause aches and pains in the back. While some are more common than others, there are many things that can lead to your backaches and cause you serious pain. Remember, the back is a very complex system. There are bones, nerves, ligaments, joints, vertebrae, discs and muscles all working alongside each other. If you disrupt the natural order of any of these areas of the back, you can be left with a sore and uncomfortable back.485862822_back_ache_xlarge

Automobile accidents and sports injuries are very common causes of backaches. When there has been trauma in this area of the body, it can cause serious pain and make even the simplest of movements difficult. Stress has been also linked to back pain, as have arthritis and obesity. Years of poor posture can also put stress on the back causing serious aches, pains and discomfort. Many times, individuals dealing with kidney issues (including blood clots, kidney stones and kidney infections) can experience pain and aching in their backs.

Typically, no matter what caused the problem, what is causing the pain is typically a type of misalignment. Things like injuries, poor posture and obesity can all cause the spine to become misaligned. This can not only cause acute pain in the vertebrae in some instances, but pain in the muscles and ligaments as well, which is what will give you that dull, annoying ache. When this happens, a Doctor of Chiropractic, can help realign the spine and get you to be pain-free.

How to Fix Backaches

The simplest and most effective way to fix a backache is to treat the root of the problem. Most back aches are caused by misalignments in the spine. A chiropractor will go in and fix that misalignment with an “adjustment,” or spinal manipulation. When the spine is in line in the way it is intended to be, most spinal aches and pains will go away as well.

As for the pain, there are things that can be done to dull the issues, while the body heals after a spinal misalignment. Taking pain medication only covers up the symptoms, and will not fix the problem, in fact in many cases, it only causes more issues. Instead, there are natural ways to help ease dull and aching backs.

Ice and heat, massage, stretches and strengthening physical therapy moves are all great supplements to spinal adjustments and powerful ways to help you become more comfortable as your body heals. Typically, spinal manipulations are fixing issues that have been caused by years of poor posture or serious injuries, so you may not instantly get the complete relief you are looking for. Supplementing the adjustment with these types of natural remedies can help you feel comfortable and find relief as your body recovers and you start on your journey towards a pain-free life.