Alexander spoke to me. In his own way. So, Alexander (11 months old) is now learning how to stand and take his first steps. Yesterday I saw him be more active than ever…really really trying. Holding himself up with anything he could find…..and ultimately falling every time.

The average baby when learning how to walk falls 102 times a day! 102 times they fail to do what they set out to accomplish….every single day!Dr sam and son

Funny thing is it feels like every time he fell yesterday, he had different reactions to it. Sometimes he cried. Sometimes he clapped. Sometimes he found it hilarious and tried again just to fall again and laugh more. Sometimes there was a face of determination and that’s when he was able to hold himself up and take 1-2 steps.

Alexander reminded me yesterday the importance of falling and getting right back up.

As entrepreneurs we’ll have times we feel stuck. We’ll feel things aren’t growing, things are going the wrong way. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll clap, you’ll be determined. But in the end….if you stick with it long enough….you’ll succeed.

Even when falling/failing 102 times a day….remember to get right back up and crush it!


-Dr. Samuel Clavell, 100% Chiropractic in Austell