Tampa Chiropractor

100% Chiropractic is excited to introduce Tampa chiropractor Dr. Pedro as he shares is vision of healthcare and wellness with the Tampa Bay and Westchase community. The center is family oriented and patient focused, concentrating on a range of techniques such as corrective or reconstructive care. This care gets to the root of many recurring subluxations, or when your nerves are irritated by out of place bones of your spine.tampa chiropractor

Our goal is to address your immediate issue and then create long-term wellness plans so you can start living life at 100%. Through educating our patients and discussing remedy and health implementations we can create a healthier life for our patients.

This Tampa Chiropractor and his team are excited about the opportunity to care for your entire family and help them take charge of their health by maintaining a subluxation-free spine!
Although our focus at 100% is wellness care, we care for personal injury, prenatal (we use the Webster Technique- a gentle adjustment specifically for turning breech or posterior babies) and pediatric care ( a gentle process that kids love). We want you to relax your muscles with massage therapy- sessions of deep tissue to compliment your adjustments – or just to help relieve stress.
Chiropractic care is not only for pain, Dr. Pedro is convinced from past experience that techniques lend to getting the body balanced so that the nervous system can function properly. His vision is to change healthcare in the community through education, help and inspiration. He and his team are dedicated to individual care so that the body functions at its highest potential. Live life at one hundred percent with 100% Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Pedro!