When it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced life, it is extremely important to not only eat right, sleep, get adjusted and exercise but to also make sure you are nourishing your body with the extra vitamins and nutrients that it needs. While there are several important vitamins that you can be adding to your daily regimen, one of the most impressive and important vitamins is vitamin D.

Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” as you get a healthy source of this important vitamin whenever you go out in the sun. The great thing about taking vitamin D is that it can help you in a number of ways, and you can easily take a vitamin D supplement daily to get your daily dose. Here are some of our favorite health benefits of vitamin D.sky-sunny-clouds-cloudy

Teeth and Bone Health

Vitamin D can help prevent bone loss, lessen hip fractures and improve overall health and strength of teeth. Vitamin D is one of the best ways to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy and prevent issues like hypocalcemia, or low bone density, particularly in babies, which is one of the many reasons why experts recommend mothers get plenty of vitamin D. One of the many reasons it does this is because vitamin D is actually a hormone that helps the body absorb calcium. Unfortunately, approximately 80% of hip fracture patients have a vitamin D deficiency

Increased Fertility

While vitamin D is important for both men and women to get vitamin D, it is particularly helpful for those who want to get pregnant. Many studies have found that high doses of vitamin D have helped increase fertility in women.

Immune Support

Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for immune support. This vitamin supports the “killer cells” in the immune system that seek out and destroy different pathogens.

Brain and Nervous System Function

The brain and the nervous system are extremely important to keeping your body healthy. While your brain controls everything your body does, your nervous system is responsible for delivering important messages throughout your body. Vitamin D supports healthy brain and nervous function, and along with chiropractic care can help you have a healthy, well-operating nervous system.

Lung Function and Cardiovascular Health