Canton, GA


Dr. Teresa Grace Fourre

Chiropractor Canton GADr. Teresa Grace Fourre’ graduated from Life University in June of 1997 from the Doctorate of Chiropractic program. She practiced in her own practice until 2012 then chose to be a stay at home, homeschooling mom until 2016. She returned to practice in 2016 as a coverage doctor until joining the 100% Chiropractic Team.

Dr. Terry is also a trained and certified Neuro Muscular Therapist with a Physical Therapy addendum added to her chiropractic license. She trained extensively with Dr. Larry Webster in Chiropractic Pediatrics at his downtown Atlanta office while finishing up the chiropractic program. She was interviewed with Dr. Webster in his office by John Stossal and on 20/20 regarding kids and chiropractic. She’s a big advocate of family health and wellness through chiropractic care!

Dr. Terry is a mom to four boys, two adults and two teenagers, who have all been raised naturally with chiropractic care. She’s certified in Yin yoga and personally loves hot yoga. She’s also a talented artist and watercolorist with a forte in sealife paintings in which she’s won many awards. Her artwork has been featured in several magazines and art galleries. Since her passion is chiropractic, she also paints chiropractic based artwork which is currently being sold at Life University in the Life U Bookstore!

Dr. Jim Ribley

Chiropractor Canton GA
Dr. Jim Ribley graduated from Life University the largest chiropractic school in the world in December of 1993, receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He practiced in Michigan from 1994-2017.

Dr Jim was raised in a Chiropractic family. His father, Dr. Charles Ribley graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1960. He was one of the co-founders of Life University and still works closely with them. He has two brothers, a brother-in-law & sisters-in-law that are also chiropractors, itʼs definitely a family affair.

Dr. Jim proudly states that he has never been vaccinated, nor has he taken any kind of medication. He has maintained the healthy, chiropractic lifestyle that his parents instilled upon him. When people comment on how lucky he is to be healthy, he replies it has nothing to do with luck. Itʼs about educating yourself about how the
body works, knowing the importance of a properly functioning nervous system, and learning the effects (good and bad) of the things we put into our bodies.

One of Dr. Jimʼs greatest privileges is when patients bring their newborns straight from the hospital for their first adjustments. The birthing process can be a traumatic process for newborns and parents want to make sure their babies are in proper alignment. He feels it is a great honor bestowed upon him. He loves children and loves to see entire families filling his office. Additionally, he feels very privileged to help all people, young and old, to attain maximum health by educating them about the benefits of leading a natural, drug-free lifestyle.

Dr. Jim is excited & honored to be part of the “The 100% Chiropractic” family because they represent everything he stands for in health and wellness.