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Katie Alfaro  |  Wellness Coach

Based out of San Diego

“Creating a healthy relationship with food, nature, and one’s spiritual self are essential for one’s overall well-being. Giving one’s body and mind the attention and love they deserve can improve one’s life and happiness. I understand that integrating healthy eating habits, into one’s daily routine, can be challenging. I created Nutrilishus to facilitate the health and wellness journey to those seeking it”

Katie Alfaro
Connect with Katie

Katie Alfaro is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach based in San Diego, California. Nutrilishus grew out of Katie’s lifelong passion for health and medicine. The science of nutrition and the overall health of our society is the foundation Nutrilishus stands on. Katie Alfaro’s patient, kind, and knowledgeable nature helps clients improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. Katie understands the difficulty that can come with managing one’s health. Through the elimination of certain foods she has managed to reduce and eliminate a variety of symptoms stemming from her own autoimmune conditions. She has also witnessed the power of selective diets to reduce symptoms in members of her own family. Her personal experience and her
experience with her family underscore her commitment to healthy living. Katie’s is extremely passionate about helping her clients feel their best from the inside out. She is motivated by her clients to create personalized plans and strategies to overcome their symptoms.

Katie’s background
Before starting Nutrilishus, Katie worked in many sectors of the medical field including, geriatrics, hospice, general medicine, and clinical food and nutrition. Her experiences in the medical field eventually moved her into personalized medicine where she is able to administer direct and specialized care. After studying neuroscience, biology, and nutrition, she received her bachelor’s degree in food and nutritional science from the San Diego State University. Currently, she strives to continue her education and provide the best care possible.


Available Packages

FREE Consultation

FREE15 minutes
  • This is the beginning of your wellness journey. Go ahead and add to cart so that you can schedule your free conversation with us.

Early Sign Up!

$1804 sessions
  • 20% OFF + 1 Free session for the first 10 people to sign up!

3 Month Program

$5253 months
  • Our 3-month program is an introduction to a health and wellness journey. If you are ready to make the changes needed to improve your health, then this program will provide you with guidance, support, and accountability.

6 Month Program

$6756 months
  • Our 6-month program is the most comprehensive and effective program we offer. It encompasses all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, spirituality, relationships, and career. We will explore the areas that need improvement and will provide you with guidance and support when making positive changes. Our approach is to help the individual create healthy changes that are sustainable over time.

Weight Loss Plan

$150030 sessions
  • 30 1-hour sessions that could be completely customizable for the client. This could be a combination of all of our services. During the initial FREE consultation we would personalize the schedule, their goals, and customize each session as they would like. The next 30 sessions could include: fitness support and motivation, nutrition consultation, health and wellness coaching, cooking lessons, emotional support and guidance, meditation sessions, and anything they feel will support their wellness journey. This could be in person if they are local or remote via video or phone calls.