To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

What you get when you sign up

  • 7 Day Detox Kit
  • 3 Supplements

  • Exclusive Access to Discounted Plans with Professional Personal Trainers

  • Exclusive Access to Discounted Meal Plans with HelloFresh
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  • Exclusive Access to Discounted Plans with Wellness Coaches, Nutritionists, and Dietitians

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  • Ability to Win Epic Monthly Prizes and One Grand Prize of $5,000!!!

How You Can Win Prizes

Monthly Prizes for Points

As well as losing weight, we also want to encourage an overall healthy lifestyle, and we all know it takes a lot to get out of this COVID rut! We also want to encourage social interactions to maintain a healthy mental state as well as physical state. So, because of this we have implemented a point system. Points can be acquired from many different ways such as participating in weekly recipes to posting on social media. The official point system is listed below! Each month we will add up everyones points and issue prizes like the new FitBit watch, a paddleboard, or a $200 gift card to Lululemon to whoever has the most points throughout all of our offices.

Grand Prize of $5,000

Everyone who participates in the 100 day challenge has the opportunity to win the grand prize of $5,000 CASH! The winner will be whoever loses the most BODY WEIGHT %. How this is calculated is by:  Pounds lost divided by starting weight. Then, multiply the result by 100. So, if your starting weight is 150lbs and you lost 5lbs, you’ve lost 3.33% of your body weight. Everything stems from the initial weigh-in.

The Point System

Heres how to earn points:
+8pts : Refer someone who signs up for the NYNY 2021 challenge.

+5pts : Per every progress photo and/or Fit3D body scan images submitted to (limit one per week)

+5pts : If you sign up for a full package with one of our trainers, nutritionists, or wellness coaches.

+3pts : Every 100 likes on a Facebook or Instagram social post posted by you.

+3pts : Every workout attended with one of our trainers (group or individual).

+2pts : Meetup group attendance (online or in person).

+1pt : Social media post (must tag @100_percent_chiropractic on FB or IG, and use #100NYNYChallenge2021). (limit 3 per week)

+1pt : Per Fit3D scan/weigh-in. (limit one per week)

+1pt : Per every 100% Chiropractic’s newsletter/blog “Recipe of the week” made (can alter depending on diet preferences – consult one of our nutritionists for help!)

+1pt : Meal plans purchased from HelloFresh promo site. (point per meal purchased)

+1pt : Per every chiropractic adjustment. (limit one per week)

+1pt : Every supplement purchased.

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