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Treatments that Actually Help Migraines

There are plenty of statistics about migraines, but if you are one of the 39 million people in the United States who suffer, you already know how much they can affect your life. Migraines are the third most common illness in the world and the sixth most disabling illness. In the United States, 12% of the population suffers from migraines, and more than 90% of these sufferers cannot work or function normally during a migraine.

Many doctors prescribe medication to either prevent migraines or treat the pain. However, the side effects of these medications can be unpleasant, including nausea, fatigue, and racing heartbeat. In fact, as many as two-thirds of patients do not take migraine medications as they are prescribed. So, what is the answer for people who are struggling with this condition?

Fortunately, there are other forms of treatment available, many of which are not only effective but also contribute to the patient’s overall health:

Chiropractic Care

Many people see their chiropractor for relief from migraines with chiropractic adjustments. In fact, the scientific evidence supporting chiropractic care keeps growing. A review of scientific literature evaluating migraines and chiropractic care found that regularly seeing a chiropractor was effective in treating migraines in as many as 75% of subjects. Instead of a single study with an encouraging outcome, this review looked at multiple forms of research to see if there was a trend. The science seems to point to chiropractic care as a very promising treatment for migraine pain.

When your spine is not properly adjusted, the nerves running from your spinal cord out to the body can be affected. It’s no surprise that this can impact your health in many ways, and migraines are just one of the possible results. Treatment that does not address misalignments will never stop the pain from returning. The goal should not be only pain relief, but wellness.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Changes in your diet, exercise routine, and sleep can have profound effects on migraines. For instance, having irregular sleep patterns can be a trigger for migraines, so learning some techniques for regular, deep sleep is helpful. Regular exercise can also improve the condition. A healthy diet with regular meals is another way to protect yourself. Keeping a food diary will not only show you where you can make healthier food choices but may help you identify trigger foods that bring on a migraine.

While you may not see the connection between lifestyle changes, migraines and chiropractic care at first, at 100% Chiropractic, we shift our focus from simple spinal adjustments to comprehensive wellness. If you are able to find a chiropractor for your migraines who targets the source of the problem instead of just the symptoms, you’ll see the wide spectrum of how migraines and chiropractic care relate, and you may find that the attention to lifestyle adjustments does the trick.

Relaxation Techniques

Learning some simple ways to manage stress will help prevent migraines in two ways. First of all, high levels of stress cause muscle tension that leads to migraines, so it’s important to address tension before it causes you pain. Keeping those stress levels down is also helpful because relaxation from a heightened level of stress can trigger a migraine. Maintaining an even sense of calm will help on both ends of the stress spectrum. Some effective relaxation techniques are breathing exercises, guided imagery, meditation, and massage therapy.

While these techniques seem drastically different, the right chiropractor can treat your migraines with a comprehensive approach to healing. We pride ourselves on our full-body wellness at 100% Chiropractic, and we have many patients who have come in to see our chiropractors for migraines. Because we go beyond the standard adjustment, we have treated migraines with chiropractic care by promoting 100% functionality that expands to these relaxation techniques for improved breathing, meditation, and massage. We have seen huge success in lessening migraines with chiropractic care, so the key is to find a chiropractor who does more for your migraines than the regular adjustment.

If painful migraines are interrupting your life, there is hope. At 100% Chiropractic, our compassionate team not only offers effective chiropractic adjustments, but we can also provide you with the knowledge you need to help you take charge of your health. Information on diet, exercise, and nutritional support will help you feel your best. Our skilled massage therapists provide treatment to ease the tension that’s causing you pain. We have numerous locations to serve you, and we are committed to your vibrant health. Contact your local chiropractor for migraine support or for more information, and let us show you what a difference the right care can make.

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