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About Dr. Sam 

Dr. Sam’s passion for helping patients achieve optimal health is evident immediately upon meeting her. She is on a mission to change the face of healthcare within her community because most people usually seek doctors when their health is failing them, and at that time are forced to make choices out of fear or anger. Dr. Sam is determined to stem the tide and make the necessary changes now so that future generations don’t continually become sicker than their predecessors.

With her expertise and certifications described below, Dr. Sam has learnt how to provide excellent care to pregnant women, pediatrics, athletes, and geriatrics. (For more information about why more families are seeking chiropractic care before/during pregnancy and for their children, see the above tab “Chiropractic for Pregnancy & Children”).

She assists families, and community organizations (such as churches, schools, and corporations) to build healthier outcomes through chiropractic care, and health coaching – which includes nutritional counseling, and fitness prescriptions.

Her Introduction to Chiropractic:

Dr. Sam originally hails from Jamaica. She attributes her diligent, fun-loving personality to her childhood experiences while growing up there. Originally, Dr. Sam was introduced to the study of Chiropractic while pursuing her pre-medical degree in Florida. A local chiropractor gave her inspiration when he reminded her that the nervous system controls the entire body; without it and its proper function, the body will malfunction and cease proper working ability regardless of exercise and nutrition. This changed her life forever, as Dr. Sam was experiencing blinding migraines, neck and back pain, painful menstrual cramps, and yearly flus at the time. By meeting other patients whose lives were also changed by chiropractic care, she became an advocate for true health within her community and became a Holistic Health Coach. And now, she serves as the chiropractor Dunwoody, GA families and surrounding communities have come to trust.

Her Training Includes Nutrition, Pregnancy & Pediatrics:

Although Dr. Sam had extensive nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching experience as a Certified Health Coach since 2011, Dr. Sam desired to have a deeper understanding of the health systems of the body, and pursued the Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University where she graduated in 2014. She went above and beyond to pursue highly focused expertise in the area of pediatrics, prenatal care, and family wellness. As such, Dr. Sam became certified in Webster Intrauterine Constraint Technique. This certification allows Dr. Sam to prepare the expectant mother and her infant for labor and delivery by optimizing the pelvic alignment.

Dr. Sam has completed over 200 additional hours of focused training surrounding pre-natal, maternal, and pediatric care. Early 2016, Dr. Sam will be certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics as a CACCP (i.e. a Certified Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor). This lifelong learner’s pursuit continues for the highest degree conferrable in Chiropractic Pediatrics: the Diplomate of the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (DACCP), which includes another 200 hours of research and training. (For more information about why more families are seeking chiropractic care before/during/after pregnancy and for their children, see the above tab “Chiropractic for Pregnancy & Children”).

Dr. Sam’s certifications also include extensive training in corrective chiropractic care that would also help those with abnormal/scoliotic curvatures in their spine.

Dr. Sam Improves Corporations and Community Organizations’ Wellness Programs:

When she is not spending time with patients, Dr. Sam is actively helping Dunwoody community organizations such as corporations, churches, and schools to initiate/improve their health initiatives. The driving force behind her work with the community stems from personal losses in her family due to illnesses fostered in unhealthy, stressful corporate environments. As such, Dr. Sam can be found educating her community on a weekly basis. She is available to speak at your place of work, worship, or play. Contact us today at (770) 457-1571 or via email to see how we can support your favorite organization.

Additionally, she is a regular contributing writer for health and family publications such as Smyrna Parent and Best Self Atlanta. As a Life Force doctor, she can be found introducing prospective students and mentoring future chiropractors to formulate their own personal contributions to better healthcare. Local holistic groups such as Pathways Connect and the Georgia Birth Network consider her office a center of learning within the community and they often take the time to meet there. Dr. Sam’s desire for community wellness has enabled her to build a strong network of holistic doctors, midwives, and other healthcare professionals to ensure her patients receive exactly what they need.

Her Family:

Outside of the office, Dr. Sam loves to spend time with her two boys. They love traveling, experiencing new cultural adventures, and watching movies.

Dr. Sam is truly honored to serve as a local chiropractor in the Dunwoody, GA community. Visit our Dunwoody chiropractic center today and learn how to live life at 100%.

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