Fit3D Scanning Technology

Fit3D is the greatest medical equipment you’ve probably never heard of…yet! It is a machine that can offer so many answers, while asking very few questions. Fit3D helps our 100% Doctors to be the best doctors they can be, and ultimately provide the patient with the best care possible. Heres how…

Fit3D is a full body scanner using photographs (no lasers!) that will safely and effectively measure:

  • Posture 
  • Waist Circumference
  • Distribution of Weight on Feet 
  • The “Tilt” and “Shift” of various parts of the body
  • Body Fat %
  • Weight
  • Fat Mass (lbs)
  • Lean Mass (lbs)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Measurements of 12 different body parts

The program and scan comes with your own dashboard that only you can log into. The patient receives their scan and has the option to send their scan results to their doctor in silhouette mode to respect privacy. The doctor will then use the results from this to properly analyze your stance and posture in order to formulate the best chiropractic plan for you.

This information, along with x-rays, tell the 100% Doctor what interferences are impeding the body from operating at 100% (hence the name). Then, through adjustments, massages, traction, and a host of other techniques, your 100% Doctor will fix the interference(s).

After every progressive discovery (12th visit) the patient will be scanned again to show both the patient and the doctor how the body is handling the adjustments, whether certain patient care should be added/deducted from the patient’s plan,  but most importantly, show the progress that the patient has made.

The Fit3D is also a great way to track weight loss and body fat composition. The precise scanners will pinpoint the fat mass from the lean mass. This is a great tool for dieting and lifestyle changes because it can be used to track weight loss/gain, fat loss/gain, and muscle loss/gain. Helping the patient better understand their health.



Question: “Will anyone other than me see this?”

Answer: The scan will be sent to your email. Whether or not you share the scan is completely up to your discretion. Other than the doctor, nobody will see the scan on our end. 

Question: “How do I get my information?”

Answer: Your scan, and the Fit3D evaluation of your scan will be sent to your email address

Question:“Why do I need tight fitting clothing?”

Answer: The scan measures your dimensions with a series of photographs. If your clothing is baggy or changing your shape the scan will not give the correct results as it thinks your clothes are your skin. So we ask that you scan with as tight of clothing as possible. Don’t worry, you will be in a room by yourself during the scan and no one will see the results you see.

Question: “Is the scan safe?”

Answer: The Fit3D website states: “Our system uses fairly common infrared depth mapping cameras to get the information used to create our avatars. The sensor is very similar to the Microsoft Kinect that is used in 10s of millions of households worldwide to play video games or to the technology used in the iPhoneX for face scanning.

The laser in our systems is controlled by software. Running apps that turn on depth streaming will activate the laser and operate it at a safe level.

Conditions including pregnancy, implants, pacemakers, etc. should neither be affected by the scan nor affect the scan results. If you have any specific concerns, please consult with your physician.”

Question: “How long does the scan take?”

Answer: It takes a couple of minutes to enter your information a/e name, age, email. Then the scan itself takes about 30 seconds. The entire experience is typically around 5 minutes. 

If you have anymore questions feel more than free to ask your 100% Chiropractor, or reach out to us at!


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