Surprising Ways Bad Posture is Hurting You
We all know that good posture looks better than a slump-shouldered slouch. (Did you just straighten up when you read that?) Did you know that it doesn’t just look bad, but the effects of bad posture can have serious negative effects on your health? There are more than you might realize, and some of them may surprise you. Here a just a few of the ways posture could be sabotaging your health and well-being.

Effects of Bad Posture – Chiropractor Posture – Correct Your Posture

Spinal Curve
An upright spine isn’t actually straight. There are three important spinal curves: one in your neck, one in your upper-to-mid-back, and one in your lower back. Poor posture distorts these curves, such as when your head juts forward, straightening out the curve in your neck. These changes to your spine’s natural curves affect the entire body, causing a cascade of problems, but seeking a chiropractor for posture correction through a spinal adjustment.

Back Pain
It’s probably no surprise that changing your spine’s natural curves will cause back pain. This is commonly felt in the lower back and can often be treated through chiropractic care. Women have more problems than men with this type of pain, but everyone will feel it eventually if their posture is bad enough. Even teenagers experience back pain as one of the effects of bad posture, such as when they slouch in front of the computer. And pain isn’t the only problem. Over time, poor posture can lead to a loss of function and even deformity in the spine.

Body Pain
The stress of bad posture doesn’t just hurt your back. A misaligned spine pulls on different muscles, overworking some and shortening others. These imbalances can lead to injuries, especially when working out, so it is important to stay loose and limber with deliberate chiropractic care.

A slumped position compresses the space in the abdomen. This squeezes the internal organs and impairs digestion. For the most efficient digestion, your stomach and intestines need enough room to work. Correcting your posture helps your body process food efficiently and pairing that with your nervous system’s benefits from seeing a chiropractor makes the effects of bad posture go away.

Cardiovascular Health
Did you know that slouching can even affect your cardiovascular health? The same pressure that it puts on your stomach also squeezes your heart and lungs. Poor posture impairs circulation, which makes it harder for your heart to do its important work. Researchers even showed that the posture people use when they spend time on a smartphone reduces respiratory function. Altogether, this means that bad posture reduces the oxygen that gets to your tissues. It also means that seeing a chiropractor for poor posture can lead to benefits for breathing and circulation.

Varicose Veins
One of the less obvious effects of bad posture is impaired circulation, and improper blood flow can have detrimental effects throughout your body. In your legs, poor circulation increases the pressure in the veins. Because veins have thin walls, this can lead to varicose veins, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and restlessness. Receiving chiropractic care for bad posture can improve circulation, eliminating these risks.

Falls in the Elderly
A properly positioned spine helps the body move better. When researchers looked at people 65 and older, they found that the more distorted their spinal curves were, the more likely they were to fall. Considering how dangerous falls can be for the elderly, good posture becomes even more important as we age, and chiropractors treat patients of all ages to ensure overall wellness.

The effects of poor posture reach body in many ways including how we feel. Research shows a close connection between posture and emotions. People who are depressed tend to slouch. But mood doesn’t just affect posture. Amazingly, posture seems to affect people’s emotions. Good posture eases the symptoms of depression and helps people feel better after difficult events. It even helps people feel less fatigued and have more positive emotions. When you consider all the information that travels between the brain and the body through the spine, it makes sense that a healthy spine feels good all over.

If you’re ready to correct your posture and improve your health from head to toe, contact us at 100% Chiropractic. We will help you address the underlying problems that are creating negative effects from bad posture. With dozens of convenient locations to serve you, our passion is helping you feel your best.

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