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Xavier Ortiz Valle
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Dr. Xavier Ortiz Valle, D.C.

decatur chiropractor Your Decatur chiropractor, Dr. Xavier Ortiz is a native of Puerto Rico. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2015 from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. He then graduated from Life University in December 2018 with honors (Cum Laude). During his time as a student at Life University, Xavier was actively involved as a leader. He was a Supplemental Instructor which gave him the opportunity to teach other students various subjects that they may have been struggling with.

Additionally, he was a Life University Student Ambassador which is comprised of individuals that directly represent the President of the University. In this role, he has had the honor of empowering thousands of potential students to take the plunge and join an incredible profession looking to make a difference in the field of health. In this organization, he was awarded Student Ambassador of the quarter (Winter 2017) and Student Ambassador Excellence Award (Spring 2018). Throughout the course of the program at Life University, he won several public speaking competitions both in English and Spanish. These competitions catapulted him into a speaking event at one of the largest Chiropractic platforms: Live Vision 2017 in Atlanta, GA. He also was awarded the opportunity to speak at the Rubicon Conference in 2018, a globally recognized Chiropractic expansion group.

Dr. Xavier is passionate about empowering the community of Decatur through chiropractic care and helping others express the best version of themselves. Dr. Xavier and his team believe in a holistic approach to achieve and maintain optimal health. He is married to Lola Rodríguez Vargas. Lola has a Masters in Microbiology and is currently pursuing a PhD in Higher Education. They are parents to Zama, their furry family member which they rescued when she was a puppy.

Proudly serving the Decatur community as well as Decatur Heights, Medlock Park and Clairmont Heights.

Dr. Allison Jancik, D.C.

decatur chiropractor Dr. Allison is a passionate chiropractor who will light up your day when you enter the office. Born in Minnesota, she started her migration south by completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology- Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. After that, she moved down south to Atlanta where she completed her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta. Post graduation, Dr. Allison continued her studies by becoming certified in Webster technique specialized for women during pregnancy and postpartum. Before joining 100% Chiropractic Decatur, she was practicing in Marietta for several years. During that time her patients sought her care for concerns like healing from back injuries, pain after car accidents, improving their health so they can enjoy life the way they used to or to feel better while at work. She worked with youth athletes at a volleyball academy to improve their performance, rehabilitate after injuries as well as prevent future injuries from occurring. Her patients appreciate her knowledge in working with healing not just within the spine, but also in arms and legs. Her mission is to help educate her community about true health and how to achieve it through simple positive life choices that lead to overall growth and well being, and can be shared with family and friends. When not in the office, you will find her either at the gym, out in nature, enjoying some good food at a local restaurant or catching some live jazz. Dr. Allison can’t wait to take care of you and your family!

How We Help Our Patients

Subluxations are displaced vertebrae. These bones shift and alter the spine’s natural curve, causing pain and limiting mobility. At 100% Chiropractic in Decatur, our mission is to assist our patients in regaining their full physical abilities. Regular chiropractic adjustments at our Church Street location restore proper alignment, reduce pain, and give patients more control over many chronic health conditions. Our patients experience significant and long-term relief from symptoms related to:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Poor posture
  • Physical strain from repetitive motions
  • Knee, hip, and back pain
  • Headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • GERD, IBS, and other gastrointestinal conditions
  • Arthritis

Regular visits to your Decatur chiropractor gently ease dislocated vertebrae back into place. Once alignment is restored, immune functions naturally improve. This positively impacts a range of common health complaints and allows greater communication between the body and brain that improves general daily performance. Many patients report feeling more mentally alert with consistent treatment. Improved immune response also supports more comprehensive healing processes that involve therapies prescribed by a medical doctor.

Regular care at our Decatur chiropractic center improves other important mental functions as well. Misalignments can disrupt sleep patterns and contribute to unpredictable mood fluctuations. Chiropractic adjustments alleviate the pressure on vital points of the spine that affect the brain’s ability to regulate these processes. With consistent care, patients rest better and experience more even moods throughout the day.

Many patients initially visit our Decatur chiropractic center because of physical complaints. Subluxations pull the entire musculoskeletal structure out of place. Muscles and joints are overworked to compensate for poor positioning. Without treatment, patients experience pain, swelling, and limited mobility that makes it hard to enjoy their favorite activities. A regular chiropractic routine encourages the movement of stagnant fluids in inflamed areas that reduces swelling-related pain. Once relief is achieved, many patients report improved mobility and strength.

Our Decatur chiropractor uses a variety of techniques to encourage healing and restoration.

  • X-ray monitoring allows us to track the effectiveness of your treatment. Regular imaging provides the opportunity to adjust the treatment program if results aren’t meeting expectations.
  • Pediatric care uses spinal manipulation to alleviate symptoms in babies and little ones. Growing spines also need regular chiropractic care to support lifelong spinal health.
  • Pregnancy care eliminates pain and discomfort in expecting mothers. When demands on the body are high, your Decatur chiropractor can reduce swelling, increase energy, and ease digestive issues.

Why Choose 100% Chiropractic in Decatur?

At 100% Chiropractic in Decatur, your comfort is our priority. From the first contact, our staff focuses on providing high quality and effective care that meets your specific needs.

Your treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation. The staff combines information about your injury, lifestyle, and general medical history with data from testing and physical evaluations to form a picture of your spinal health needs. The chiropractor then distill this data into an effective treatment plan. Periodic monitoring and open communication ensure you understand your progress at every stage.

Our chiropractic center is a family-oriented practice. We can treat all of the members of your family. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or are suffering the side effects of a chronic illness, our treatments are appropriate for patients of all ages and most physical conditions.

Communication is key in the healing process. Throughout your treatment, we are always available to discuss your plan, results, and expectations. In this way, we ensure that your needs are always the priority.

Learn more about the benefits of regular care from 100% Chiropractic in Decatur. Redeem this coupon for three complimentary services at our Church Street location.