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Dr. William Bevis
1378 Timberlane Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32312
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The Chiropractor Tallahassee Residents Trust!

Chiropractor TallahasseeWelcome to our 100% office in Tallahassee! We are proud to serve the community. 

Dr. William Bevis was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida and the families of he and his wife, Lauren, have been deeply rooted in the community for many generations. As the leading chiropractors in Tallahassee, they’re both passionate about bringing the message and benefits of a healthy lifestyle centered around principled chiropractic care back to their hometown.

Dr. Bevis earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the renowned Life University College of Chiropractic, graduating Valedictorian of his class. While in school, he received special training that has afforded him the ability to provide the highest quality care to athletes, geriatrics, pediatrics, as well as pregnant women. Dr. Bevis has extensive post-graduate training and has obtained Certified Advanced Proficiency in the most specific, scientific chiropractic techniques in the world. These techniques provide patients of any age with the most gentle, safe, and reproducible care possible.

Prior to attending Life University, he earned an Associate in Arts degree from Tallahassee Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Florida State University. (Go ‘Noles!)

Dr. Bevis is also a lecturer in the community at various networks, businesses, churches, and health & wellness events with the purpose of promoting the life we were all designed to live. Through these speaking opportunities, it is his goal to share the necessary knowledge so the people of Tallahassee can gain awareness and a true understanding of how to reach their maximum health potential in a natural way.

He is a chiropractor on a mission to change the face of health in North Florida and help create one of the healthiest communities in the world right here in our hometown, Tallahassee. He is committed and determined to team up with you to fight for your health and give you the confidence you need to get to the next level in any arena of your life.

How We Help Our Patients:

Caring for your spine–and your overall health–starts before you notice any symptoms. Sometimes a symptom can take years to surface, and your Tallahassee chiropractor might find out it’s the result of a subluxation that could have easily been corrected with chiropractic adjustments before it started to cause problems. For this reason, our mission is to get you past the crisis stage and into a maintenance stage of long-lasting wellness with routine visits to your chiropractor in Tallahassee.

However, many people have symptoms that must be dealt with before we can delve into a wellness program. These are just some of the reasons why our patients start a relationship with us:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Prenatal concerns and discomforts

In order to best suit the needs of each unique patient, we offer specific services:

  • Corrective Care: The first goal is to restore your spine’s natural curves. When the spine is aligned this way, it has the opportunity to function at its highest possible level: your unique 100%.
  • X-Rays: These images help your Tallahassee chiropractor develop the best course of treatment as we monitor the improvements in your spine.
  • Family Chiropractic: Everyone, from babies to older adults, can benefit from gentle chiropractic care. This includes prenatal chiropractic: expectant mothers experience unique stresses and changes to the spine as their bodies adapt to accommodate a growing belly. Chiropractic adjustments can help ease discomforts and prepare you for labor and delivery. When your baby is born, we look forward to meeting him or her and removing the subluxations that occurred during birth.
  • Massage Therapy: Massages enhance your chiropractic care by relaxing the muscles to allow for an easier chiropractic adjustment. Massage is more than a feel-good luxury: it comes with a host of benefits that contribute to 100% well-being.

Why 100% Chiropractic?

Your Tallahassee chiropractor is your partner in 100% wellness. Your visits should result in 100% healing and 100% satisfaction, no matter what that looks like for you. Not every human body has the same potential for health, but we all have the opportunity to live up to our own unique potential. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you, devoted to your personal 100%.

Chiropractic is an important part of a complete approach to wellness. We’re excited about optimal health, and we want to give you the resources you need to take charge of your journey to 100%. Every first visit begins with a thorough analysis of your spine, your body, and your unique concerns, and your treatment plan is designed with all of that in mind. As you grow and change, your treatment plan changes with you, and we’re always here to answer your questions.

It’s this devotion to 100% that sets us apart in Tallahassee. See what we mean by visiting our family-friendly office. We look forward to meeting you.


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