Chiropractor in Franklin

We are all trying to stay active, healthy and get into shape these days. Occasionally all this activity will mean you need to find a good chiropractor in Franklin. When that time comes, it is important to find a chiropractor who is also an athlete. They have a unique perspective as an athlete and a physician.chiropractor in franklin

Dr. Nikki with 100% Chiropractic helps active, athletic people like you who want to maintain a pain free healthy lifestyle in the greater Franklin area. She was a high school athlete and first sought chiropractic care to help treat an injury. That was her “ah ha” moment. When for the first time in a very long time she felt relief from the pain. This led him into chiropractic medicine. She knows first-hand the power of natural health and wellness promotion and has committed to helping Franklin athletes and their families live well.

Many of the team sports we participate in such as football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and Lacrosse involve a high degree of contact and place high physical demands on the body during training. The same can be said for individual sports such as running, tennis and even golf. These demands put stress on your spine and can cause long-term injury if not corrected.

Chiropractors help athletes treat AND prevent injuries from happening in the first place. An effective chiropractor like Dr. Nikkil at 100% Chiropractic helps Franklin athletes quickly recover from injury and often reduce the need for painkillers or some surgery.

It’s no surprise then the majority of pro teams have a chiropractor on staff to keep their athletes injury free and competing at the highest level.