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      • Posture Analysis with Fit3D Scanner
      • Doctor Exam with X-rays
      • 30 Min Massage
      • Your First Life Changing Chiropractic Adjustment!

      How 100% Chiropractic Can Help

      Whether our patients come to us with specific needs or they are looking to make steps toward a healthier, thriving lifestyle, we are here to help achieve goals.

      • Corrective Chiropractic Care
      • Family Wellness
      • Personal Injury
      • Prenatal and Pediatric
      • Massage + Stretch Therapy

      Why 100%?

      We believe that health is much more than living pain free, but rather thriving in life! Incredible passion for life, a perfect night’s sleep, handling the stressors of daily life, energy to accomplish your goals, an immune system that fights, an incredible sex life, and yes, feeling fantastic are all part of true health and all part of living life at 100%!

      3 Steps to Feeling Your Best at 100%: 


      Break old, unhealthy patterns in both your spine and nervous system and allow the body to build new, healthy patterns. This can take time as we are reversing years of compensation, scar tissue and postural patterns in your spine.


      When your body is ready, you will graduate to maintenance to continue building healthy patterns and solidifying the incredible changes that have taken place in your spine and nervous system.


      You will move towards a true wellness program, protecting the investment and changes you have made and establishing a pattern of preventing and thriving as opposed to treating and reacting.