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Dr. Jared Hall, D.C.
100% Chiropractic | Logan, Utah
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Logan, Utah

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Dr. Jared Hall, D.C.

Chiropractor Logan UtahDr. Jared Hall, D.C. has practiced in Logan for four years, and practiced in total for 6 years–having gone to Life University in Atlanta Georgia. He graduated with a degree in exercise science in 2014. Dr. Jared specializes in corrective care chiropractic and has an extensive sense of knowledge on how the body works and helps it heal and function properly.

Dr. Jared loves the outdoors–paddling, rock climbing, and hiking with his dog Charlie. He has fallen in love with Cache Valley with all it has to offer. His beautiful wife, Hayley, and four beautiful daughters keep him busy on his days off. Dr. Jared is looking forward to serving you and making sure you are able to live life at 100 percent!Chiropractor Logan Utah

100% Chiropractic welcomes you to their Logan Utah office. Dr. Jared and his team look forward to introducing you to the 100% experience. We provide an individual patient approach to our care and look forward to going over your case with you, listening to your goals, and empowering you to achieve them.

Why 100% Chiropractic?

We utilize a variety of techniques for treatment, a full line of top of the line nutritional supplements and licensed massage therapists to help you accomplish all of your health goals. We are experts in spinal correction with over 20 years of combined doctor experience. Our corrective & preventive care treat several injuries and conditions, such as:

• Auto accident injuries
• Sports injuries
• Neck pain
• Back pain
• Hip & knee pain
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Prenatal symptoms

We believe that health is much more than living pain-free but rather thriving in life! Incredible passion for life, a perfect night’s sleep, handling the headaches and stressors of daily life, energy to accomplish your goals, an immune system that fights, an incredible sex life, and yes, feeling fantastic are all part of true health and all part of living life at 100%!

How We Help Our Patients:

Our 100% Chiropractic location in Logan, Utah is special because you’re not just a patient here, you are family. If you’ve had it with pushy chiropractors who can’t wait to start adjusting and take your money, you’ll see a 100% difference by visiting our office. We’re patient-focused and our goal is to work with you to address the root cause of your symptoms and chronic pain. We start with an evaluation, and then we’ll sit down with you and discuss what we find, as well as take the time to educate you about what’s going on inside your body. 100% Chiropractic wants you to be in the driver’s seat. We’ll work with you on a plan that gets your body back to 100%, and explain why we think it’s the best option.

Our doctors are trained to expertly identify both obvious and underlying issues. Feeling general pain is a good reason to come in for a visit, but we’ve also successfully assisted with the following injuries and ailments:

• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• Allergies and asthma
• Hip pain
• Knee pain
• Decreased immunity
• Prenatal and pediatric symptoms
• Pain from an auto accident injury
• Whiplash symptoms
• Sports injury
• …and everything else that comes along with the stress of daily life.

We happily offer corrective care for patients of all ages, including pregnant mothers and the unique body challenges that come with the joy of childbirth. The benefits of the care at our Logan, Utah office don’t stop when you leave! Every morning you wake up after a restful sleep, every time you walk around the block without joint pain, every time you comfortably slide down into a chair with a freshly-aligned spine–we’re confident that visiting our care center will improve your life 100%!

While we’re happy to assist with all the above ailments, we proudly specialize in the following:

Corrective Care: The rigors of daily life can cause small imbalances that misalign the spine even if you haven’t suffered a specific injury. We consult x-rays and our doctors use the data to maintain the spine’s alignment over time, greatly improving your quality of life and relieving chronic pain.
Prenatal/Pediatric Care: Childbirth is a physically stressful procedure for infants, and the first years of growth aren’t much easier. We are trained to provide gentle, effective care to young children.
Massage Therapy: Our Providers are trained in the science of effective massage therapy. Not just a feel-good service, getting your muscles relaxed and blood flowing is a crucial key on the road to recovery and health.
Nutritional Supplementation: Our office carries our own 100% doctor-approved line of supplements. These are all top of the line products developed by industry experts and approved by our nutritionists and dietitians. We believe in healing from the inside out, straight from the source!

From the initial evaluation to the end of the treatment plan and continued wellness care, 100% Chiropractic puts the patient first at every turn. Stop by the Logan office and let us prove it to you! We’re confident that you’ll leave 100% satisfied.

We understand that it can seem like chiropractor’s clinics are a dime a dozen. There’s no shortage of dimly-lit parlors where it’s not clear exactly what qualifications the provider has. Our doctors have all graduated from specialized chiropractic schools and are certified, as well as go through weekly, monthly, and annual training with other doctors and specialists in our network to broaden their knowledge and keep their practice as current as possible. Each doctor has access to national resources to consult with other doctors for clarification on any issues they may have not seen before! We’re confident that within seconds of your first visit to our Logan, Utah Chiropractic office you’ll be amazed. Putting the patient first is a simple idea, but we embrace it wholeheartedly. Whatever your symptoms, we’re confident that we’ll be able to discuss them and work out a plan with you to address them. We want your entire family to live life at 100%. We’re more than happy to assist families that come in together. Maybe someone in your family will proudly earn the “Chiro-Kid of the Month” title!

Our care addresses more than just the symptoms of pain. We are ready to assist you with anything physical or mental that can be addressed by correctly aligning the body. Chiropractic care is both an art and a science, and our team in Odessa can’t wait to provide pain relief and help you learn how it can improve your life.

“100% Integrity, 100% Commitment, 100% Chiropractic”. Those are the words we live by. We can’t wait to see you.

Hayley | Office Administrator

Chiropractic assistant Logan UtahHayley is a mother of four daughters. She home schools the girls and runs them to all of their activities while balancing the office life and doing all the things it needs as well.
She enjoys helping others and improving their lives. The 100% Chiropractic office allows her to express the loving nature she has.

She has practiced massage therapy on and off for the last 13 years. She graduated in 2001. She has retired to raise her 4 girls. Having a large heart and desire to help others, she is the cornerstone of her family and of the office.

Living a busy lifestyle of having 4 kids and running an office Hayley knows how stressful life is. She understands the importance of taking care of your body. She has benefited the great changes in her own health through chiropractic care.
In the summer Hayley lives to go boating. It does not matter if it is paddle boarding or jet skiing she loves being on the water. In the winter like most Utahns she loves hitting the slopes!

Nakyla | Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic assistant Logan UtahNakyla has lived throughout Northern Utah since 2012 and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science in 2020. Before moving to Utah she moved around a lot living everywhere from South Dakota to Japan. Nakyla was on the track and field team in college. She loves to travel and experience new things. Nakyla loves health and wellness and is super excited to help others live life at 100%!!



Michael| Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic assistant Logan UtahI’m Michael, I love learning and helping people. I aspire to be a Chiropractor and am excited to learn and grow here at 100%. Two fun facts about me is that I am better at balancing on my two hands doing handstands instead of walking. And second even though I grew up in the US speaking only English, I now think most of the time in Spanish. I have a beautiful wife, from Bolivia, and we are expecting our first baby.

I love that I am able to meet so many people who are looking for better lives and I believe we can achieve that here at 100%. I am motivated every day to be in this family because 100% is about becoming whole again!

Anessa | Stretch Therapist

Chiropractic assistant Logan UtahMy name is Anessa Almendariz. I was born in Logan Ut, but raised in California. I have had a love for health and fitness for most of my life. I got introduced to the fitness world 15 years ago. I quickly decided to change my career focus from being an RN to a degree in exercise science. I came to Cache Valley 7 years ago with my 3 kids so I could give them a better way of life. I have opened my own fitness studio where I get to be a part of changing people’s lives through health and fitness. I love to learn and stay active outdoors. As well as spending time with my kids and our puppy Luna. I love to cook healthy recipes when I am home. I plan to travel the world as much as I am able too. I was excited when I was introduced to stretch therapy through 100% chiropractic. I didn’t hesitate to get certified in one more healing technique. I got my degree from ISSA which came with a long list of certifications such as teen fitness,corrective specialist, nutritionist, elderly training, and mindset training. I am excited to be a part of this great team at 100% chiropractic in Logan UT. Not only did they make me feel like family but they offer the best care I have ever been involved with. I look forward to working alongside them and touching as many lives as we can together. Come check us out and let me show you how much you will love our new stretch therapy program.

Shana | Massage Therapist

Chiropractic assistant Logan UtahHello everyone, you guessed it I’m Shana, and I am the Massage Therapist at 100% Chiropractic. I love my job(s)! I’m also a single mom of four, 7 and 4 year old human boys, King who manages to open every bag of food possible (he’s a cat!), and a gentle giant who lives up to his name, Chaos, who weighs more than me! On my down time you could find me relaxing listening to country music, enjoying nature, spending time with my friends and family, eating all kinds of food, or watching a good series on Netflix.

I am passionate about massage and helping people feel better. I always knew I wanted to be a therapist of some sort, I just didn’t know what type of therapy I wanted to provide. 14 years ago I attended CCI in Layton Utah for Massage Therapy and I just knew I was going to love it. Here I am, 13 years of it under my belt, and I wouldn’t change my career choice for the world! I absolutely love working with Dr. Jared and the 100% amazing staff. We started out as friends, and are as close as a family. We all look forward to seeing you and helping you reach your goals.